Ecoscreen 106

Silk screen press&coater The art of refinement Available in the 1060x880 mm. format, with a mechanical speed of 4200 s/h., Ecoscreen is equipped with servo drive motors enabling independent movements of the printing cylinder, of the screen frame and of the printing squeegee.

With this innovative idea and a particularly heavy-duty and accurate mechanical construction, Ecosystem has created the best silk screen press&coater currently on the market.

Main technological and
productive advantages
1.Print at constant speed and more precise than competitors.
2.Positioning and descent of the squeegee independent of the movement of the screen frame and of the printing cylinder, each one controlled by its own servo drive motor.
3.Reduction of the printing area resulting in a higher number of sheets with the same print quality.
4.Enlargement and reduction of the image with electronic zoom.
5.Management of the position of the screen and of the pressure of the squeegee by means of command motors positioned on the machine. This system, not available with any competitor, allows to register the position of the screen with respect to the squeegee without having to slow down the speed of the machine and without any manual intervention by the operator on the registers inside the machine.
6.Print register reading system through photocells that do not require adjustment for the thickness or color of the substrate.
7.Automatic ejection system of uncoated/printed sheets.
8.The electronic connection between the machine and the sheet feeder allows to feed the sheets in streaming or by single sheet and to use the slow motion in register of the sheets, to empty the table by inverting the direction of movement of the conveyor belts.
9.Automatic feeding of the varnish on request.
10.Every single part of the machine has been designed by Ecosystem and made of the best materials. Electrical and electronic components are purchased from the most important worldwide suppliers, with spares available on the international trade.
11.With the integrated configuration sheetfeeder / printing unit / dryer / stacker system, Ecosystem has created an extremely effective production solution, with the reduction of set up time by one operator and also significant reduction in electricity consumption.
12.Controls located on the stacker allow the operator to monitor and intervene on the adjustments without moving from there.
13.Apparently the costs and powers installed are higher than those indicated by competition but when you look at the higher number of sheets produced by the Ecoscreen at the same level of quality, it is clear that the real consumption is lower.

Ecosystem dryers
The Ecosystem dryers have been designed to guarantee maximum performance with all types of jobs and not only for UV, but also, on request, for solvent- and water-based products.
Thanks to the use of UV lamps equipped with inverters, the amount of energy consumed per sheet can be even 30% lower than with traditional UV lamps with transformer, as well as the excellent air yield in the drying hood allows higher speeds in the use of solvent-based inks and varnishes.

14. Ecoscreen is compatible with the use of existing screen frames which were prepared for other machine brands.
Remote control system with ADSL line for prompt diagnostics and fixing from our office, as for all other Ecosystem equipment, as well as the CE marking, with particular attention to safety regulations and noise emission, for example in the choice of the two-stage Becker vacuum pump with silenced case.

An extraordinary versatility for extraordinary performances!
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