ECOSYSTEM, an excellence in print finishing machines built upon innovation and reliability

Ecosystem has been responsible to write the history of film lamination and today stands out for its innovative solutions.

Since 1996, Ecosystem has been able to dominate market changes, thanks to its mission to innovate by being committed to its distinctive skills: brand value, state-of-the-art technology, reliability and vision to anticipate the needs and the potential of the print finishing industry.

Until 2008, Ecosystem produced exclusively the best film laminating machines, then on the ground of the great experience in processing paper and its finishing, the expansion of the company is to be identified with the development and consequent manufacturing of a very innovative silk screen press&coater.

Each customer has his own personal technical demands and the Ecoscreen perfectly adapts and fits to all needs as it can be composed by modules, according to each processing specificity. In order to maintain these extraordinary features, we have also developed high performance dryers, which can be combined with cooling and heating sections, to be able to process UV, water based and solvent based products.
Ecoscreen: The one and the only with such flexibility.
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