SF Komet 106

PUR (solventless) & thermal film laminator
VERY PRACTICAL AND OPERATOR-FRIENDLY The SF Komet is “daughter” to SF 120 and “sister” to Aqua Komet, as it combines the advantages of the PUR adhesive to the compactness and simplicity of the Komet design.

Available in the size 1060x1450 mm. and with mechanical speed of 90 m/min., SF Komet has a standard stack of 1100 mm. with the option to raise it to 1400 mm.

Also SF Komet, besides the usual spray powder cleaning systems (brushes and calander), proposes the option of a humidification system in order to:
  • further reduce the amount of glue needed;
  • accelerate the drying time of the glue;
  • improve the aesthetic quality of finish, so as to represent a valid alternative to water-based glue also for luxury packaging, by being equipped also with an excellent hot knife for PET, nylon, embossed and speciality films.
“Simply efficient” to laminate with the cheapest technology at the coating weight of about 3 gr/m2!

The possibility of working with thermal film is standard and becomes useful in the case of short/medium runs and/or for unexpected jobs at the end of the shift.