SF 120

PUR (SOLVENTLESS) & thermal film laminator
The fastest sheet laminator in the world: 125 m/min. in the 1200x1600 mm. format! In addition to the well-known intrinsic advantage of PUR (solventless) glue to assure the lowest production cost of film lamination thanks to the smallest coating weight (on average 3 gr/m2), Ecosystem adds further important production and economic pluses:

a large format 1200x1600 mm., an unsurpassed speed 125 m/min., height of pile 1300 mm., which are well suited to long and large print runs.

Besides the usual spray powder cleaning systems (brushes and calander), a humidification system is available as an option to:
  • further reduce the amount of glue needed;
  • accelerate the drying time of the glue;
  • improve the aesthetic quality of finish, so as to represent a valid alternative to water-based glue also for luxury packaging, by being equipped also with an excellent hot knife for PET, nylon, embossed and speciality films;
SF 120 is the dream of every print finisher and of high-volume packaging groups.

The possibility of working with thermal film is standard and becomes useful in the case of medium runs and / or for unexpected jobs at the end of the shift.

For those who need a smaller working size, the SF Komet 106x145 model is available in a more compact configuration, see relative data sheet.