Quick 54-76-106

thermal film laminator
Quick Why an exclamation mark? Because it deserves it! First of all because this is the last thermal film laminator born in Ecosystem and therefore deserves to be highlighted and then, also and above all, because its characteristics of pressure and heating have aroused enthusiasm among the users of this market segment, which raise the Quick above the competition.

Stronger pressure, higher heating capacity&control provided by a double wall calander with circulation of fluid turn into better quality of the finished product and faster speed.

Available in monoblock configuration for formats
  • 540x760 mm. with automatic sheet feeder and separator, mechanical speed of 40 m/min.
  • 760x1060 mm. with automatic sheet feeder and separator, mechanical speed of 50 m/min. with the options of automatic stacker and in-line foiling kit.
These two compact configurations are particularly suitable for the lamination of sheets printed with digital technology.

Gallery Quick 54
Gallery Quick 76

While for larger size and higher speed requirements, the configuration with independent sheet feeder, separator and stacker of Quick 1060x1450 mm. is the ideal answer with its 80 m/min.
It is possible to integrate a hot blade to work also with PET, nylon and other special films.
Whatever you need, we have the machine for you!
Gallery Quick 106