Aqua QuickCut 120-140

waterbased & thermal film laminator Versatility in all its forms: reel, sheet, both ... and even “the unexpected”! The Aqua QuickCut is a heavy-duty film laminator with water-based glue and thermal film, in the widths 1200 and 1400 mm., with a mechanical speed of 150 m/min., in a "tailor's" configuration:

  • reel to reel
  • reel to sheet
  • reel to reel and also reel to sheet
  • with traditional water based glue
  • and/or with "wet" glue
  • for traditional films
  • and/or with metal transfer
  • and for “the unexpected”
From reel to reel: unwinder of different types (shaftless, single or double, with semi-automatic change, etc.) and of several diameters (up to 2000 mm.) + rewinder.
From reel to sheet:
unwinder of different types (shaftless, single or double, with semi-automatic change, etc.) and of several diameters (up to 2000 mm) + sheeter and stacker by Milltex, a supplier of consolidated experience and proven quality.
From reel to reel and from reel to sheet:
a configuration combining everything: unwinder + rewinder (as above described) + sheeter and stacker by Milltex in line.
The sheeter is available in two versions (one blade or two blades) depending on the gram weight of the substrate and is capable to cut sheets up to 1600 mm. in length.
The stacker has a non stop exit and the height of the stack can be up to 1800 mm.
With traditional waterbased glue:
thanks to use of the same coating unit of the famous sheetfed Aqua 120 and 140, with a coating roller, a dosing roller and a doctor blade, it is possible to coat up to 35 gr/m2 for high quality jobs and also for luxury packaging.
With “wet”glue:
a coating unit for wet glue can replace the traditional coater for waterbased adhesive or can be added in line so that the user can choose which one to use according to each product: traditional waterbased adhesive for high level applications and wet adhesive for lower range of products demanding a lower gram weight of glue.
The wet glue is coated by means of anilox rollers and is suitable also to the use of cold foil.
For traditional films:
as for all the Ecosystem equipment, also the Aqua QuickCut can use all films on the market, to offer the widest range of applications: clear and metallized PET, gloss and matt OPP, soft touch, anti-scratch, thermal, etc.
besides the use of traditional films (in case one chooses to have both coating units as above described) or alternatively to traditional films (in case one chooses to have only the coater for wet adhesive), it is possible to use also the METAL TRANSFER, to transfer to the substrate only the effect of metallization without the presence of a film.

Given the growing demand for the use of METAL TRANSFER, which represents an alternative to film lamination in some product fields, we have also developed specific machines dedicated to metal transfer, as detailed into the Eco-Green section.
“The unexpected”:
by "the unexpected" we mean one or more additional processes to film lamination, to carry out in-line, which can be requested in turn by individual customers according to their specific production needs.

Even this is possible with Ecosystem and it is no coincidence that Aqua QuickCut has been chosen by prestigious international top players.
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