Aqua Komet 106

waterbased & thermal film laminator

EVERYTHING BUT IN A SMALLER FOOTPRINT "daughter" of the famous Aqua 110, also Aqua Komet is equipped with a calander dedicated to lamination and another dedicated to drying, but with a smaller diameter to create a more compact and space-saving configuration.

A successful miniature that retains all the benefits deriving from two independent calanders, with the possibility of differentiating the two temperatures, for particular jobs that may require it.

Available in 1060x1450 mm. format and with a mechanical speed of 90 m/min., Aqua Komet has a standard 1100 mm. stack but is also available with a raised stack at 1400 mm. or 1800 mm. as shown in the following photos, for long runs and/or for thick cardboard, in order to carry out as few machine stops as possible to add extra productivity.