Aqua 110/120/140

waterbased & thermal film laminator
The beauty of technology or technology for beauty? Both! Top players in printing and packaging have elected the water based and thermal film laminator Aqua as the “queen” of luxury packaging thanks to its highest technological sophistication, which assures the highest quality of the finishing.
It is a fact that Aqua is the most used laminator in the world for laminating folding carton boxes for top brand perfumes, cosmetics, champagne and other luxury items.

But not only luxury packaging: thanks to its extraordinary productivity and flexibility that derive from an independent calander for lamination with a pressure that reaches even 14 tons and another calander dedicated to drying, the Aqua is the ideal film laminator for long runs as it offers the highest speed and the lowest energy consumption which is up to 30% lower than competition.

Available in 3 sizes: 1100x1420 mm. - 1200x1650 mm. - 1450x1650 mm. with a mechanical speed up to 110 m/min., Aqua has a standard 1300 mm. stack but is also available with a raised stack at 1600 mm. or 1800 mm. for long runs and/or for thick cardboard, in order to carry out as few machine stops as possible, to further increase its productivity!

Last but not least, the Aqua has been the first water based & thermal laminating machine in the world to be equipped in the year 2003 with an amazing hot knife for PET, nylon, embossed and other speciality films, whose performance is still nowadays the top on the market.
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