The widest range worldwide for luxury folding carton boxes, shopping bags, book covers & jackets, catalogues, etc.
Our range of film laminators encompasses solutions in all technologies:
    • Water based, in the sizes of 1060x1450, 1100x1450, 1200x1450, 1450x1600, 1600x2060 mm.
    • Thermal, in the sizes of 540x760, 760x1060, 1060x1450, 1100x1450, 1200x1450, 1450x1600, 1600x2060 mm.
    • PUR, in the sizes of 1060x1450 and 1200x1600 mm.
    Plus customized equipment in the width of 1200 and 1450 mm.:
    • From reel to reel,
    • From reel to sheet,
    • From reel to reel and from reel to sheet in the same machine.
And a special configuration for laminating windowed sheets with waterbased adhesive in order to produce laminated boxes with transparent window/s and to laminate solid sheets with thermal film. For luxury boxes containing: cakes, spirits, toys, gifts and also for non luxury boxes for sandwiches, personal hygiene products, cake & fish trays, etc.

All our equipment are heavy duty, manufactured with premium components and sharp design which make them reliable and easy to use and combine the highest production speed with the lowest energy consumption, assuring the fastest return of the investment.

TAILOR MADE: we have the technological ability and the experience to satisfy every customer's requirements, manufacturing for him special machines. Ecosystem has its own R&D Dept. and Software Dept. enabling to offer, besides standard solutions, a wide customization.

Such as, but not only: reel-to-reel with several options of types of unwinders and rewinders with different diameters, also with various processes in line and reel-to-sheet film laminators with usable working widths of 1200 and 1450 mm. as sold to top international packaging groups.

NEW special solutions from reel-to-reel and from reel-to-sheet also for the use of COLD FOIL to satisfy the coming requirements of METAL TRANSFER as an alternative to film lamination.
OUR NEW equipment is the only industrial and productive way to get a quality metal transfer effect!

Consider us at your disposal to “invent” the machine you need, also with the combinations of several processes in line.
We will manufacture for you the machine that is not yet existing on the trade!

With water based adhesive & thermal film
With PUR adhesive & thermal film
With thermal film
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