Established in 1996, Ecosystem is a consolidated business and one of the most important manufacturers in the print finishing equipment, thanks to sharp engineering, continuous search for high quality and responsible Customer care.

Specialized staff and spares stock increased proportionally to the growth of the company, with a service network assuring all around the world a prompt answer and solution to every problem.

Ecosystem History
Year of establishment in Rovereto, Italy, for the production of thermal film laminators.
Manufacture of the first film laminator working with PUR adhesive.
Manufacture of the first water based film laminator.The Aqua film laminators were the first manufactured in Italy and in the world with a very performing hot blade for PET and speciality films (nylon, metallized, brushed, embossed etc.). Following this successful realization of the hot blade, many others were installed also on thermal laminators. The performance of our hot blade is still recognized as unsurpassed on the worldwide market.
Construction of the first water based laminator working reel-to-reel and also reel-to-sheet for the luxury packaging field.
Manufacture of the first glazing calander with extreme big diameter and pressure, to get the highest result with water based varnish.
Manufacture of the first silk screen press&coater , servodriven, with unique features.

Manufacture of the first window laminator with water based adhesive for windowed sheets and with thermal film for solid sheets.
Move to our new factory, always in Rovereto, of our property, extended on 6000 m2

Smaller and simpler thermal laminators are added to cope with the requirements of the digital age.
Development of a first series of ink-jet presses&coaters.

Construction of another hall of 700m2 in our factory.

Development and manufacture of tailored roll-to-roll equipment of large format and high performance for several processes in line: flexo printing, film lamination, metal transfer.

Ecosystem was established in 1996 in Rovereto (Trento, Italy) as a manufacturer of thermal film laminators.

In the immediate following years, solventless glue laminators are also built with the highest production speed on the market. To the progressive raising of national and international quality standards with the use of special films for luxury packaging, Ecosystem responds by developing water-based laminating machines, once again the best performance together with the lowest energy consumption.

Thus began the growth and the expansion of Ecosystem into new geographical areas: Japan, USA&Canada, Europe, Middle East etc.

This is followed by custom-made constructions of reel-to-reel and reel-to-sheet film laminating machines.

Also glazing calanders for sheets of paper coated with water based varnish, in order to increase the glossiness.

Ecosystem decided then to approach another segment of the print finishing industry: Silk Screen Printing&Coating, by manufacturing one silk screen press&coaterfor UV, water- and solvent-based products. Servodriven. Super flexible and super precise. Once again, Ecosystem manufactures and offers a machine with characteristics superior to anyone else.

Manufacture of a special film laminating machine for windowed lamination with water based and for solid sheets with thermal film.

To follow the development of the digital printing, Ecosystem develops also a series of small & medium thermal laminators, so nowadays the range of laminators is the most complete in the world, from 540x760 mm. up to 1600x2050 mm.

A line of inkjet printing&coating machines will be presented shortly, too.

The technological intuition of our CEO, Mr. Faiferri, the engineering ability of our R&D Dept. with the realization of always successful equipment, the dynamic vision of expansion that animates the Sales Dept., make that 24 years after its foundation, Ecosystem has become and remains a prominent and reference player not only for customers but also for competitors, with more than 1000 installations at top players' all over the world.

Sharp technology, kept promises, fair relationship with customers and agents/dealers have been essential to our success. As proof of this constant desire for technological and commercial growth, a new factory span of 700m2 is under construction and will be added to the presently existing 6000m2

All our machines are designed here, born here, assembled here and intensively tested here before delivery to end-users.
Our factory is also available for testing special applications and for pre-installation training, if demanded.

We welcome the opportunity to host a visit from you to meet with us, qualify our equipment and discuss your needs.
Call us at +39 0464 420852 or e-mail us at and we will gladly take care of you!

Film laminating machines with: water based adhesive, polyurethane (PUR) adhesive, thermal film (dry).
Laminators can be sheet-fed, web-fed and from reel to sheet.
Specific laminator dedicated to windowed sheets.
Ink-jet printing & coating.
Glazing calander.
Coaters and dryers for UV, solvent and water based products.
Customized equipment on specific demand.
Ecosystem is synonymous of state-of-the-art technology, high quality, high performance and reliability.
Quality Products
The Ecosystem machines are designed and manufactured 100% in our Italian headquarters. All mechanical pneumatic, electrical and electronic components are the best available in the trade. Our machines conform to EC regulations as to quality of manufacture and safety.
We grant 2 years warranty.

Role of the client
Customers are active partners in our company. Their experience in the daily production is a precious help for us to design and manufacture machines suitable to the development and the success of our customers.

Our Research&Design office is constantly updated on the evolution of raw materials and experiments them. This department has designing software and 3D drawing systems of latest generation. Our designers with specific mechanical, electrical and electronic skills are in direct contact with our assemblers in order to optimize the equipment in all aspects. Our target is to produce high quality machinery with state-of-the-art technology. The unique features of our silk screen printer are the major evidence of our attitude.

International presence
Top Italian and international players in the finishing, offset printing and packaging fields have chosen us as their supplier. We can proudly say that our turnover is 90% export. Demanding markets such as Germany, France, Japan and United States are regularly buying from us. Our international marketing network is always wider and wider, as we are export oriented.

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