Our success is based on:


Our success is based on:


Quality Products


The Ecosystem machines are designed and manufactured 100% in our Italian headquarters. All mechanical, electrical and electronic components are the best available in the trade. Our machines conform to EC regulations as to quality of manufacture and safety. 

We grant 2 years warranty.

Role of the client


Customers are active partners in our company. Their experience in the daily production is a precious help for us to design and manufacture machines suitable to the development and the success of our customers.



Our Research&Design office is constantly updated on the evolution of raw materials and experiments them. This department has designing software and 3D drawing systems of latest generation. Our designers with specific mechanical, electrical and electronic skills are in direct contact with our assemblers in order to optimize the equipment in all aspects. Our target is to produce high quality machinery with state-of-the-art technology. The unique features of our silk screen printer are the major evidence of our attitude.

International presence


Top international players in the printing and packaging fields have chosen us as their supplier. We can proudly say that our turnover is 90% export. Demanding markets such as Germany, United States and Japan are regularly buying from us. Our international marketing network is always wider and wider, as we are export oriented.