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Established in 1996, Ecosystem is a consolidated business and one of the most important manufacturers in the print finishing equipment, thanks to sharp engineering, continuous search for high quality and responsible Customer care.

Specialized staff and spares stock increased proportionally to the growth of the company, with a service network assuring all around the world a prompt answer and solution to every problem.

Current production program:

  • film laminating machines with: water based adhesive, polyurethane (PUR) adhesive, thermal film (dry);
  • above laminators can be sheet-fed, web-fed and from sheet to reel;
  • specific laminator dedicated to windowed sheets; 
  • silk screen presses/coaters;
  • glazing calanders;
  • coaters and dryers for UV, solvent and water based varnishes;
  • customized equipment on specific demand.

Ecosystem is synonimus of state-of-the-art technology, high quality, high performance and reliability.